Welcoming You to The Homie Hub Play Cafe - Where Families Come First!

Hello and thank you for visiting The Homie Hub!

We're Quinta and Jason, the founders of this unique play space in the heart of Oshkosh.

Our journey to creating The Homie Hub Play Cafe is one fueled by our passion for family, community, and the belief that because children learn best through play, every child deserves a safe space to play at all times - even in the cold, winter months.

Quinta is a Registered Nurse with over 13 years of experience in healthcare. Caring for others and fostering family connectedness is a passion of hers. As a nurse, Quinta's focus on not only infection prevention and physical health but also mental wellness is deeply evident at The Homie Hub - ensuring that our play cafe isn't just fun, but also a safe and nurturing environment for both you and your little ones.

Jason, Quinta's husband and co-owner , is a USAF Veteran and an expert aircraft mechanic. His eye for precision and detail brings a unique set of skills to our family venture. Jason's attention to detail and dedication to excellence are the backbones of our operation. His technical skills ensure that every toy and play structure at The Homie Hub meets the highest safety and quality standards.

Our Family Story
As parents of four incredible boys, ranging from 3 to 17 years old, we've experienced first-hand the challenges of finding family-friendly spaces that cater to children of all ages. Our diverse family dynamics and drive to connect with other parents in the community inspired us to create a place that is inclusive, engaging, and enjoyable for kids and adults alike.

Our Mission
Family and community connectedness is on a decline all across the US, and this is reflected in the ever rising mental health crises. At The Homie Hub, it is our mission to provide a warm, welcoming space where families in Oshkosh can come together. We believe in building a community where parents can relax and socialize while their children engage in playful learning. Our vision is to create a hub that's more than just a play area - it's a place where memories are made, community is built and families are strengthened to thrive together.

Our Commitment to Community
Being part of the Oshkosh community means a lot to us. We're committed to giving back, fostering a sense of belonging and doing our part to help families thrive. We host community events, collaborate with local businesses, and create opportunities for families to connect and grow.

Join Our Homie Hub Family

We invite you to visit The Homie Hub and experience the joy and connection we've built.
Whether it's a day out with the kids, a special celebration, or just a coffee break, we're here to make your day brighter ✨

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